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Autism Awareness Month: My honor is Advonte

It's Autism Awareness Month. Advonte is the person I choose to honor on my website.I choose to honor him with the thought and heart filled with hope that he was still alive. He will be my honor no matter what. Has a person with special needs and an young advocate for special needs my mind is in such deep thought and my heart is so heavy..I become speechless at times.. This little boy has special needs and is unable to speak.. Who ever did this to him is sick! I hope that they find that person soon. We should not be treated like animals. I hear to many stories out there that hurts my heart with children and adults with special needs..I always have a second thought when it comes to being in a relationship with someone because they will see an opportunity to take advantage of us..This would have never happen if security was watching him and walked him back to his class..they knew his situation.It's no if and but about that it's a special needs school..Where was his para at the time? When was his teach..Who was watching him? Did this happen at the time when school was getting out? There is a lot of questions to be given and a lot of answers to get my prayers are with the family! I hope that I am able to reach out to the family some day.

Autism awareness month 2015 In Honor of brain 

Its a new year and things has not gotten better in the Autism Society 

RIP  Brain

We need an Amber Alert system

What happen to him? Where did something go wrong?


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