I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

Words and Thoughts to my friends 

To all my special friends:

 My friends who deals with cerebral palsy knows how it feels to live in a wheelchair or other devices forever. It becomes harder as we grow into teenagers,we can't even get out of bed bed on our own we need help to get dress and we need help to do just about everything....We also got to wait on someone to come to our attention...Where is the normal life???? I get annoyed when I think about all this because all the life i would like to live it challenging because a doctor put a big stop in the start of my life..When it comes to dating you will face a big challenge i feel since a lot of people don't understand our problem and it can be hard to fit in and feel welcome..Our emotions and feelings are the same but our mind can be set different just like me I have my good and bad days..but i hope for better. All I can say from my heart stay strong and don't give up because remember we are not the only ones out there with cerebral palsy..Its 5 million be proud of who you are because the problems I face everyday are not easy that's why i tell you stay strong

Never told.

This is one of my starlight friends.. His name is Ke and when I see his mom post on Facebook about taxi driver refusing to take him because of his special needs and meaning things being said to him.. It opened up my eyes to say its time to show some people what goes on in our life so they will understand and here i am becoming  a young advocate Him and his mother is always a advocate so check out their site http://keseosfight.blogspot.com/

 He is my inspiration 

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