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The Vision Of Starting an Inclusive Social Group

Posted by Trina Fight For Our Rights on December 30, 2016 at 1:30 PM

The vision of starting an inclusive social group started months after creating my very own self advocacy group welcoming youth and adults with disabilities as well as people with out disabilities to become aware of people with disabilities and whats unique about my group its not agency based and  accepting to all types of people. Building this advocacy group as allowed me to built a network and a small family I learn so much from them they open up my eyes and heart to so much. There  we are free and not surround by labels or society preception of disability.. The Vision of starting an Inclusive Social Group started when I realized that this agency based recreational program was not very inclusive they have a one size fit all mind set. I want to remind everyone who is reading this my belef is that their is no one size fit all in a disability we all have difference. Just about three years ago is when I started speaking to people and speaking out so I will admit  that I have friends but I am not very social to others. I have social issues myself.This has always been a struggle for me I am always to myself but as I continue to build these groups I realize that people who are in my life will be there for me that's different they call me, text me and e-mail me so for the new year I will start an inclusive social group last two weeks the plan for this new group began I called up my friends and told them lets go bowling we had so much fun we played we lagh and eat together. It was such a great feeling. we all said must do again so my birthday came my planned we went bowling in the city at a longue and enjoyed my biggest fear was accessibility but it turn out fine they get a star for there unique kind of accessibility. We bowled and eat like we was at a resturant. I have not been out with friends in a while like this,, it was the happiness day of my life. So I can't wait to see what I create.. Pictures will be posted soon with what we have done so far. Beyond those labels Enjoy life!!

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