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Happy Birthday to me

Posted by Trina Fight For Our Rights on December 25, 2017 at 1:50 PM Comments comments (0)

23 years ago I was born weighing only 2 pounds and a half.. 6 months premature in the ICU for 3 months for weight gain and fighting to survive.. gasping for breaths.. still at that time doctors did not say a word to my parents about me having a medical conditions. When told months later doctors said I will never be able to see, talk walk or do anything like a normal child.. Now 23 years later I am a miracle.. living life and dreaming big because the sky is the limit.. I am a true survivor.. Happy Birthday 2 me again.. I hope to do an autobiography piece soon to follow up with this

Becoming A Student Ambassador

Posted by Trina Fight For Our Rights on August 30, 2017 at 10:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Be Back soon this blog post is in progress. Stay tuned ;)

Becoming a student ambassdor of my college was something I was hesitate about for over a semeter I had the application in my folder and never found a  moment to submit it the application. On this day a friend message me an ask me did I complete my application and finally I decide to submit it. Months later I was contacted and told that I needed to come in for an interview

My experience working with children after my desire came true

Posted by Trina Fight For Our Rights on February 26, 2017 at 2:00 PM Comments comments (0)

It's been a while since I updated the team. A year ago on here I shared my desire to work with children with and without disabilities to educate them on on disability awareness at an early start. I want to show the world that within my disability I see "I can" If I can do it you can do it too. When I visted the career center in my college although place on my campus filled with opportunities. A position to tutor childen caught my attention but as I signed up for the opportunity I was pretty hesitate of what the outcome results will be. I signed up for orientation and later contacted the school to find out was the school fully accessible and they said yes that was a plus on this journey. I attended the orinatation where I was in fear they will not accept me because of my disability but I knew that was not the case after the sent me do my fringerprints.. all anxiety was over..the staff, volunteers and students welcome me and accept my difference.. I thought the students will be courious and begin to question me but instead they are very helpful. Before I come in volunteers or condinators already have everything set up for me. The students comes close to me as I read to them and as they read to me.. Students often say Ms Ketrina can I help you turn the page to the book if when I can do it on my own it's just a thought..that makes me feel great.. They help me check off my agenda.. great to see them involved and grow on me.. It's amazing! I love reading to them. As they are learning I am learning too. As I tutor these students I see the reflection of me becoming a teacher after I finish college never thought one day I will want to teach but from experience I want the best for my future children, I struggled myself in the school system for past 18 years just because I was a student with a disability.. This is one reason why I want to give back and serve my community. I am happy to be apart of reading Partners volunteer team.  A special thank you to Reading Partners for being a disability friendly organization. I am pleased to spread the word to get you more volunteers through my fellow organizations letting them know that Reading Partners is Disability friendly! Yeah!

The Vision Of Starting an Inclusive Social Group

Posted by Trina Fight For Our Rights on December 30, 2016 at 1:30 PM Comments comments (0)

The vision of starting an inclusive social group started months after creating my very own self advocacy group welcoming youth and adults with disabilities as well as people with out disabilities to become aware of people with disabilities and whats unique about my group its not agency based and  accepting to all types of people. Building this advocacy group as allowed me to built a network and a small family I learn so much from them they open up my eyes and heart to so much. There  we are free and not surround by labels or society preception of disability.. The Vision of starting an Inclusive Social Group started when I realized that this agency based recreational program was not very inclusive they have a one size fit all mind set. I want to remind everyone who is reading this my belef is that their is no one size fit all in a disability we all have difference. Just about three years ago is when I started speaking to people and speaking out so I will admit  that I have friends but I am not very social to others. I have social issues myself.This has always been a struggle for me I am always to myself but as I continue to build these groups I realize that people who are in my life will be there for me that's different they call me, text me and e-mail me so for the new year I will start an inclusive social group last two weeks the plan for this new group began I called up my friends and told them lets go bowling we had so much fun we played we lagh and eat together. It was such a great feeling. we all said must do again so my birthday came my planned we went bowling in the city at a longue and enjoyed my biggest fear was accessibility but it turn out fine they get a star for there unique kind of accessibility. We bowled and eat like we was at a resturant. I have not been out with friends in a while like this,, it was the happiness day of my life. So I can't wait to see what I create.. Pictures will be posted soon with what we have done so far. Beyond those labels Enjoy life!!

Happy 5th Birthday to my baby Blog

Posted by Trina Fight For Our Rights on November 12, 2016 at 5:05 PM Comments comments (0)

A few weeks ago I celebrated.. 5 years of victory and over coming obstacles faced in my teenage life what a life changing moment it was. So many great things happen in my life since I started Trina Fight For Our Rights..creating many new opportunities on behalf of my mission that I created to advocate for others.. In the next few weeks you will see new blogs posted about my upcoming journey's that I am about to start.

This a blog I wrote last year..currently working on an updated one..But I just wanted to share

On October 30. 2011 I had a clear vision. I sit down and started thinking how must I bring a light to the dark side of my story and be able to share my story world. Then my heart came out with I must create a website to share my story and make a difference for the differently-abled community, while sharing the vision with my dad he told he will support me in this journey no matter what. Trina Fight For Our Rights has been through some ups and downs as well as wonders on weather it will be a life long mission it turned out to be my passion my heart and soul. This year my baby blog turns 4 years old and I must say I am inspired by my own work and all I have accomplished being in the field of advocacy, disability awareness disability rights and public speaking . I have been doing so much things I never expected. I am starting to earn more and more advocacy positions. I have yet to denied any positions because I field homered and it reminds me each time that I am doing something right and good. I call myself a champ or often a superwomen because I always manage to complete all my agendas work. Today I share with all of you that I have set a goal to start my own Self advocacy association chapter in my Borough. Details will be posted soon. I also will be sharing more blogs with my goal to become independent. Trina Fight For Our Rights you have brought me into a whole new world since that day. Happy Birthday to my baby blog

You can also follow my journey on different sites!

Happy 5th birthday to my baby blog

The growth of my advocacy journey

Posted by Trina Fight For Our Rights on April 27, 2016 at 4:50 PM Comments comments (0)

 Back in 2011.I was faced with so much it was mostly the begining of my teenage life...the begining of high school or the ending of junior high school i struggled to find motorviation  and confidence in my acadmics so I didn't plan on attending high school I plan on going to a trade school but my  support team in my school saw the knowledge that I will succeed in high school and I did even though I often had days of giving up any student with a disability being a teenager will want acceptance, love and equality but in all I struggled to fit in high school as well as society. Which made it harder for me to accepted who I am and embraced all my challenges so I was over dwelling on my disability and I woke up the next day with a vision to share my story with the world and make a difference and speak up for those who don't have a voice for themselves. I didn't have much friends, they lack awareness of people with disabilities and of course the admission did not make things any better to them I was invisable  one. After crossing the stage to graduating high school the hopeless feeling came down but the determine attitude I have I spoke up for myself before it got to late. I started college which was not expected of me.College open doors for me in the advocacy world and now I found many desires. I served on the NYSED Youth Advisory Panel on special education for 2 years and it was a wonderful experience but it does not end there I have been accepted to serve on another comitee and I started my own advocacy group called Voice's Of Power.. More details to follow.

I am blessed that these opportunities give me a different view on life:)

Stay tune:)

My experience at the miss amazing pegant

Posted by Trina Fight For Our Rights on March 8, 2016 at 9:15 PM Comments comments (0)

A few weeks ago I took part in miss amazing pegant 2016 empowering women with disabilities. This day was so amazing and special for many reasons I share we as people with disabilities don't get this opportunities often. This experience I treasure dearly and forever. One leason I took from that special event is that no matter what disability you have you are talented and beautiful I shared a poem for the talent show case called "Disability" so many people were in shock and in tears because they never heard a poem like that ever.. Although I wrote this poem within many sleepless nights in touched so many..The contining idea of sharing what I do and my dreams in my intro left many proud with eyes open.lol. What I love about this event is that no body earn different we were all crowned New York Miss Amazing Pegant 2016 and got medals for our talent that we shared.. Yes this proves to many in the disability community no one with a disability is better than another person with a disability.

 Yes I was crowned Miss Princess Amazing 2016 but everyone did a great job:)

Pictures coming soon!

Happy 21st Birthday

Posted by Trina Fight For Our Rights on December 23, 2015 at 3:30 PM Comments comments (0)

The day has come that I become another year in life and hope that this birthday is filled with blessings

Looking back at My childhood pictures saying wow I have truly come a long way in life doctor told my parents I would never be able to see hear talk or do anything as a normal child

Doctor you fail me in some points but with God powers I have succeeded and continue to do better

21 years later I am making this world a better place for people with disabilities and the general popluation.

Happy birthday to me and my co-founder who is my dad:o

My experience at the Breast Cancer walk 2015

Posted by Trina Fight For Our Rights on October 24, 2015 at 6:40 PM Comments comments (0)

For many years I wanted to attend the Breast Cancer Walk in the City or in Brooklyn but I never had no one  to go with me, my friends and family will drop out on me or it was either to cold for me as the years go by I told my friends we are making up excuses of why they can not do it, if other people can do it we can do it too. So this year me and  friend made up our mind and said there are no excuses on why we should not go this year and we went with United Cereberal Palsy, I traveled alone too join the walk for a cause and we did enjoy it. Besides that fact that we walk for a cause, we struggled to fit in because people with disabilities esspecially wheelchair users, were not thought of in this process of organizing the event. Some path ways to walk were completly inaccessible and unsafe for wheelchair users. People were so inconsiderate to us,we ended up having to end the walk early because people were getting out of control, they act like if people with disabilities didn't belong in the walk we can be affected by Breast Cancer the same way has everyone else we are no different we just take a different path to life but that does not mean should not be able to join the walk to find a cure for Breast Cancer too. Next year I believe they should have an accessible path way, map and larger signs.. think of the visaully impaired as well..

#wearpink #makingstrides #disabilitycommunity

Back to school

Posted by Trina Fight For Our Rights on September 6, 2015 at 9:25 PM Comments comments (0)

Back to school to complete another semeter of college, Althrough I thought that last semeter would be my last semeter in college because I wanted to attend a certificate program to accomplish becoming an admissitative asistant. Don't get me wrong I am succeeding in college but I don't feel college is perparing me for the working world an I always question when I graduate college with my degree what will I do with my degree. Since people with disabilities still face discrimination in employment its very little I will be able to do with my degree so I rather accomplish and earn a certificate in something I can but to use in my future..

Do what your heart tells you!!

Education will always be the key 

Looking forward to a productive semeter and year:)


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