I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

My Parents had to adapt to a new world after I came into this world 

Parents of children or adults with disabilities are not given to families for no reason we are a "Gift" to the parents and family. What life was like before my parents was told I had a disability? My parents was born and raised in the Caribbean on an island St Vincent. When they was told when I was 9 months old I had a disability, They were shock and didn't know what to expect in my development.  Still had no idea  what it meant to have a disability and later to know the name of my disability Cerebral  Palsy was? Left them clueless! Yes Nevertheless   they never believe in the doctors exceptions until this day they believe that miracle will happen an I will walk but of course we all know that at this point it my walking will not be perfect but with all my assistant aids walking is possible at this point some point as I am working on this goal. This raised me no different than my other siblings that's why I am a tough one now. They was the only ones caring for me until this day but now we have support services that started when I was in 8th grade a parent of a child with a disability begin to share resources with my mom and told her that she can get assistance to care for me especially when it comes to lifting me, family programs etc can't even name all the resources we got from that day on my life started coming together..my independence started growing  and opportunities was coming our way we experience wonderful things that we never thought we would see ever. We had social workers and doctors on this journey as well many ask me if we never ask for resources my answer today as this world becomes so clear to me if you was clueless from the beginning how would you know what to ask for? Did you know they had opportunities for a child like me although my mom was a mommy bear advocate a tough one too she saw my abilities despite my limits and pushed me until I made it to the top always wanted me to be in an inclusive environment!! The best the that happen to me was my parents who saw rough roads on having a child with a disability but never give up on me!!  

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