I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

Along the way there was no plan for my future which created who I am today

Along the way of accomplishing and succeeding in the public school system it was never an easy road..Their was always a need for an advocate like my mom who stood up for me and made sure educators,staff,administrators saw my abilities and not my disability mostly because my disability affects my legs not my mind.. The education system is set to fail students..its a  shame..Where I was left so hopeless was when I became a senior in high school and knew graduation was slowly approaching I was not sure of transition opportunities for myself as far as a career or education no one ever spoke to me about my plans or to put forward actions so I know what to expect for my future..They had plan on placing me in a day program due to my limitations when I heard that I was in shock..I had no words..I became the most determine person and a powerful advocate I put myself in college and things just started falling in place for me and as not stopped until this day towards my advocacy is where my heart is an I am happy currently I am doing well in college but that's not the issue..my desire towards advocacy has increase to be my main focus and is earning many positions regarding advocacy so in a few semesters or less I will be changing paths to spend time to write my novel and tech students about people with disabilities and be fully committed to advocacy like in the MTA taking steps with complains towards Access A Ride..

I will always remember my education path..I will never give up I will always go back if my desire towards advocacy of some part changes

My passion for advocacy is huge  

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