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Victory Challenge

A weekend of hard work with your abilities


We Try Harder

fWhen I started attend me and my mom meet the service member Mark Heiss and he introduced us to his bowling team "  We Try Harder" and my mom kept on saying I'll think about it... One day my mom made up her my mind to say its time for me, your brother and sister to join. When I started I was at least 7 years old I was nervous and shy because I didn't know the people there. Now I use a ramp to bowl and I just push the ball down.Bowling can be very challenging when you are disable but just like how I can score over 100 I believe anyone with special needs can. We meet once a month in queens from Oct- Jun and we also take part in the Victory Challenge also know as the Empire State Games for physical disabilities special Olympics for 3days, I participate in many activities and receive medals at the end. I"m very happy to be around we try harder it showed am I not the only one with a condition and determine to do something we like. 


Part 2

Like I said my house is not made for me. I can't even go up stairs in my room or my brother room. Can't do anything but go to my bed. I spend my day downstairs on the computer. I am tired of that..I have to wait for someone to lift or walk with me upstairs. Mom back hurt dad back hurt too but he does his best. If you only knew how does it feel that you can't get out of bed for yourself..always got to wait for someone to assist you. Now I feel better and safe that its easy for me to get around in my home..I got a stair lift that takes me up and down with a remote. This makes me upset and sad that I got to go through all this over a mistake. What can of life would life??? Thanks again United cerebral palsy

My thoughts to Share about UCP


A special message to my UCP family since I got involved with United Cerebral Palsy for almost 2 years now they are like my 2nd family close to home. United Cerebral Palsy of NYC open me and family eyes to a more safe and independent home for me and my family, the build a mental ramp for me to get in and out safe because the one I had before was dangerous many times I face moments of falling over.. It was not easy.. They also build me a stair glade now my parents don't have to lift me up and down the stairs... It was an difficult job! They then open doors wider so my wheelchair can enter with no problem at all !. I was amazed and happy.. The best an enjoyable thing they did for me was to buy me a brand new Ipad that will give me assistants with my education and fine monitor skills. They are angles said from haven at the right place and time..I love you guys!


Changed the way i get around

My house is not made for me. I had to wait a year after I got my power chair to get out in the community. My dad had to build me a ramp. In the winter it was unsafe spilling all over in the wheelchair. Almost falling over... Had no control over my wheelchair it was going its own way. My mom save me many times , she put her self in danger because of me. Now I happy to say I can go out and come in with no fears but joy and be proud. Thanks to United Cerebral Palsy for all they did for me and their is many more stories to come.


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