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I have an "Advocate Eye"

Many people who knows me and follows me on my advocacy journey or on social media says to me " You have an eye for these things" . I am such a passionate advocate for persons with disabilities. When I enter facilities, businesses and more the first thing I look for is to make sure its wheelchair accessible to access the building, accessible\wheelchair seating and accessible restrooms. I have a check list in my mind every time I am on my way out in communities. For years me and my family  goes to an Red Lobster in our area and we request an wheelchair accessible seating area, every time we are called to be seated its never an accessible area which can be very uncomfortable, they don't have an official accessible seating area so one day my dad confronted the manager  and told them about me and I might have to reach out to my local officials on this matter..they looked shock before we left that night i took out my business cards an wrote on the back of it please reconsider your wheelchair seating thank you. Some things happening like this in my community and I have took pictures an posted it on on my social media to get feedback and yes they say to me " I got an eye for these things". Yes make a difference.. The passion is right in my heart and soul Follow this blog "Advocate Eye" for more on issues like this I am finding when I travel to different states.

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