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Life in the Advocacy Business World

On January 28 2014 I was interviewed and filmed by the Cerebral Palsy  Association of New York state. I was really nervous because I not use to speaking in public and being all around besides the time I created a movie a few years ago. Knowing I had to speak on my behalf of person who lives with developmental disabilities and others is what give me the courage to speak. I told my self I don't care who is there and who would be listening to what I got to say even though the government will see and hear it I am telling my experience in life and the advocating world. I told the government you need to help society change the view of "disabled"..The doctors see many of us has "wheelchair bound". Even though doctors wrote that is not true I can do things just like everyone else just in my own way. This interview and film was done to send to the government members and law makers. They are trying to put cuts to budget for individuals with disabilities like myself to receive supported services! This can't be possible If they cut our budgets life wouldn't be the same.We wouldn't be able to live that "rich and exciting" life. To know how people with special needs was treated back then..I wanted to really push and encourage the government that we need no more budget cuts. Please we need them! This part was an inspiring part of the event. Thank you! to all who invited me it was truly an honor and inspiring to me and my mom who is my co- advocate since I took over her role !

Who would have thought I would make it this far?

I am a young advocate for special needs.

I am that simple young power.

I am that young faithful and strong women. I am not perfect. I have a mind.

I am the voice and heart that speaks.

I was that shy little girl that never spoke to anyone if I didn't know you like that I would just smile!

I am that young girl that people never expected much from.

I am that girl they use to say can't learn or direct worker until this day some paper work still states that and I am determine that they remove it or change it.

I am that  young lady who is now speaking on the behalf or me and others.

All I am fighting for is change.

I am a speaker I have to start writing a speech.

I am young and proud to be apart of the corporate world.

I am officially being called to my duties has an young advocate- Trina Fight For Our Rights 


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