I fight for My Rights with Cerebral Palsy

Goals..Dreams..Determination..Happiness= Happy life

Disability is not a choice

People don't choose to have a disability that’s what many people fail to realize. 

Many people don't realize that become having a disability happens in a quick of a second. You can just simply fall and break your legs and you end up in a wheelchair  

Asking for accommodations..we didn’t earn it.. they provided it to people with disabilities since the American Disability act was passed.Accommodations allows us to live fulfilling lives. 

Many disabilities are not visible so that’s why many is not counted for. In order to be successful in the real world you must attempt that you have a disability. 

If disability was a choice I would rather be able to walk and live life like everyone else but I would not be able to see life the way I see life today.

And I wouldn't have gotten the vision that I wanted to make a difference in the general population and people with disabilities so I would be honest to say that having a disability is a blessing in my eyes..allthough my life is not a piece cake I make life like easy and that’s what made people adore me for my "strength" 

Personally if I could have an opportunity to not have Cerebral Palsy and be able to walk I would be happy that 21 years later there is a cure but I believe that my disability is  not only my imperfection but my identity  and I never allow it to be a label because I am a human first before anything. 

Disability is acceptance and embracing not by choice. 


Thanks for allowing me to share.

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